2016 | eMovo – The mobile voting application

Every year the Commercial Film Producers of Europe (CFP) stage the Young Director Award venue at the Cannes International Advertising Film Festival. I was approached and asked if I could build a mobile voting app that allows the audience to vote for each film with their mobiles during the screening, in order that – besides the jury vote – every director also gets the popular audience vote. Now this is a serious project that involves other parties and expertises. I decided to act purely as a project manager in this case. And I find this case a good opportunity to show you how such a project is put on tracks and guide you through the stages from briefing to the final result.

As a project manager your job is to understand what the client wants, what his requirements are and translate this into a briefing for all parties involved and define standards and goals. Especially in a case like this, where the client was based in Vienna, the project manager in Zurich and the coders and designers in Basel, Switzerland. Remote collaboration requires a high level of preparation.

Stage One: Groundwork

So in the first stage I had to create a technical briefing for the company I chose to work with me on this. They would deliver both design and the technical solution for a web based mobile voting system. 

General Overview


Extremely important when co-working remotely so everybody has the same name for the same item. You don't want to explain "the thing that does that thing" on the phone – unless you have time at hand to waste.

Basic voting mathematics

Global process

Requirements frontend

Basic layout frontend

A general Idea on look & feel

Requirements backend

Basic layout backend