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"I cross the bridge when I get there"



knowledge and experience in digital media

For 25+ years now, I have been working in the media industry, where I have acted in various functions and areas, which has allowed me over time to develop into a digital media generalist. My career is divided into two parts:

From 1992 to 2000 I worked mainly in the advertising film and TV industry. Like most out of my generation, I started as a trainee, but dared to take the lead very early and begun directing an producing at a very young age. This first part of my professional career was crowned with helping to lay the foundation of a small film production company in 1999, before I left for a sabbatical to Berlin at the end of that year.

Berlin marked the beginning of the second stage of my career. There I became acquainted with the Internet as a business model which lead me in the process to move my professional activities towards the - then still - new media and to develop my knowledge in this area steadily further. Later, in addition to internet, the topic of mobile apps and e-business development came into my field of activities.

Today, I simply call myself a media producer, with knowledge and experience in the whole range of digital media

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